India, here we goes again.

I’m heading back to India for the winter break. This time I’m taking it easy, I’m not doing the ‘stop and go and hope I have enough time to eat breakfast and make it to the next town before the sundown because driving those impossible streets at night has got to be the source of many a heart condition’ kind of trip.
I’m flying into Chennai on Wednesday night and I have two weeks to work (read: eat) my way to Goa through Hampi. It’ll be a fraction of the distance Hiroki and I covered sometime three years ago,  except that I have a few more days to spare this time around. I could always get someone to sell me their tuk-tuk, but then I’d have to find trustworthy navigator and I think the former will be far easier than the latter.
Tentatively, I’m spending 3-4 days in Chennai, then 4 days in Hampi by way of either Bangalor or Hyderabad with a day’s stop in either city depending on my schedule. From Hampi, I head out to Gokarna for some beach time and I’ll spend New Year’s Eve either there or further up in Goa with total strangers.
Plans are subject to change, as always. I might find myself in Puducherry after Chennai instead of going straight for Hampi. Not knowing is the beauty of it.
Now, I just gotta figure out where to stay in Chennai when I get there tomorrow night.

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