Enter: The Coffee Bean

The Coffee Bean And Tea Leaf in BKK

In a clear attempt to diversify the available selection of coffee drinks in a city oversaturated with coffee shop franchises -Starbucks, Segafredo, Dean & Deluca, Au Bon Pain & McCafés to name a few- here comes The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf. Luckily for the new kid on the block, their ‘Original Mocha’ cold blended coffee drink with chocolate covered espresso beans (a.k.a. the Ultimate Mocha in the U.S.) remains unmatched. Unfortunately, along with that heavenly taste comes a high caloric content, ridiculous amounts of sugar, prices that all but guarantee that the ones most likely to be affected by an onset of first world diabetes will also be those who can actually afford treatment, as well as the inevitable fanfare that will draw crowds by the droves and make ordering anything so delicious a long and arduous process. A black market for sugar glazed donuts propped up for several months taking advantage of the masses’ lust for Krispy Kreme when they set up shop in downtown Bangkok. Gods know what the lure of The Coffee Bean’s sweet nectar of life will do to the Siamese populace. I don’t think they’re ready.

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