An indicent proposal.

I don’t understand how some people get away with hijacking the limelight only to perpetuate their pointless existence in it. Paris Hilton, the cast of the Jersey Shore, Sarah Palin, Donald Trump… I can somewhat understand their entertainment value if equated to a momentary fixation with a train collition or a car crash happening in slow motion and over and over again. But to give them even the slightest sense of legitimacy?

Yes! I can’t wait til Colbert shoves his balls in Trump’s mouth so that the Donald finally proves, once and for all, that he was really being really, really serious about “the announcement.” Because he’s not simply a shameless self-promoting egomaniac with a case of spotlight-envy but rather, he must really, really care about the kidz. Or maybe he just doesn’t think much of Americans at all. Really.

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