In Thailand, rice congee is known as “chok” (โจ๊ก) and is often served as breakfast with a raw or partially-cooked egg added. In most, minced pork or beef is also added and the dish is usually topped with a small version of youtiao (known as pathongko by Thais), garlic, slivered ginger, spicy pickles such as pickled radish and chopped spring onions.

Most mornings (or maybe afternoons and sometimes late at night) I’ll make my way to the Chinese food stall right around the corner from where I stay in Bangkok and get myself a bowl of jok. I’ll add some soy sauce, break the uncooked yolk and stir it about until the yellowish hue is somewhat even throughout. I’ll throw in some of that slivered ginger, chopped spring onions and fried dough, then I go to town. It’s definitely worth every one of those 31 Baht. (That’s less than one USD if you’re keeping count.)

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