stuck on beating a dead horse

dead horse by A_of_Doom

The saga continues.

It’s been ten days since the blog known as Stuck-on-the-Palmetto met its demise, yet it seems SOTP simply refuses to fade away. Alesh’s blog keeps piling them up and Carlos Miller even made three sequels to his original post. In the end, Rick and Alex’s blog keeps doing what it was doing before the unplugging, bringing everybody in the SoFla blogosphere together. Still, this mess being what it is, I couldn’t help myself but to round up all this chaos and blog about it.

And so it comes to this. If you want a concise account of the events, you’d be better off with Wizbang, a.k.a. The Florida Masochist (outed!) than the Herald. After that you’re on your own. Just take your pick:

Enough relevant links to start a SoFla blogroll of your own or at least expand on it.

3 thoughts on “stuck on beating a dead horse

  1. R.-

    Just a minor correction: Rick and Alex’s blog. Although I started it, in the end it was as much Alex’s as it was mine.

    The sting of all this is beginning to wear off and life is slowly beginning to return to normal….whatever that is.

    Thanks for putting this post together, R., although, quite frankly, some of it I’d just as well forget.



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